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LinkedIn Search and Messaging Functionality is Limited.

 TLC Connect LinkedIn Automation

TLC Connect lets you create a search (of your ideal clients) in the tool or use one from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has search limits:
For a standard (free LinkedIn) search, the results will stop displaying at 1000 profiles or 100 pages.

That means that even if your LinkedIn search result brings 11k profiles in total, unfortunately, you can only view the first 100 pages. But what if you want to view ALL of the 11k profiles?

TLC Connect saves your search – it builds a full list that you can see, edit and use over and over without it counting against you!

Did you know:
If you run a search in LinkedIn and you come back to look at it again, it counts as a new search – you can’t save a search in LinkedIn unless you buy Premium Navigator!

In LinkedIn, you cannot contact anyone you are not already connected to!  What?
First you have to realize that LInkedIn makes their money from selling their Premium version and from ads – so they won’t ever make the free version easy to use.

If you try to send more than 15 messages a month (InMail), you get the message to upgrade to the paid version. We’ve all seen this if we use LinkedIn – and the paid versions only allow up to 20!

TLC Connect lets you send connection requests to your entire 2nd and 3rd level search that you select! Then you can set up a run to include all your connections.

You can also download your list to a CSV file for email marketing so you reach them from two different campaigns!

Our proprietary tool allows you to build customized searches over
YOUR ideal customer demographics including the 3rd level!

You don’t have to be connected to them in any way.

Once your search list is submitted, the tool automates these connection requests
using your pre-set customized messages.

We teach you how to word these messages for maximum response.