LinkedIn Tracking Doesn’t Exist.

Unless you buy Navigator, you cannot save and track the list you generate, much less categorize each connection!

Below are LIVE screenshots:

Our propriety tool allows you to set up automated messages for the connection requests, but more importantly it tracks everything – you can see what’s been sent and replied to right here!

The system lists your search entries and categorizes each connection as you move through the process and you can manually set the category as well. 

“Replied” requests floats to the top so you never have to search for them. It changes the category to “Talking” when you reply back. There are more categories to select manually.

Our proprietary tool allows you track your customized searches of YOUR ideal customer demographics list, categorized as you move them through your funnel!

It just keeps chugging away, making new connection requests and helping you track them, respond to them and make appointments and sales.